what I read in July.

HOW IN THE WORLD IS JULY ALMOST OVER? Half of my heart is grieving that these are the last few weeks of summer, while the other half is quietly anticipating the comeback of skinny jeans and Grey’s Anatomy. There is still much beauty to savor, and the beauty of autumn to anticipate. As far as reading goesContinue reading “what I read in July.”

a slice of nostalgia

Thank-you, Jesus, for nights that bring peace in a homesick season and a memory that comes home like an old friend even after many years. Here’s to holy and slow moving stories, unforgettable summer nights, and beating the odds. One of my favorite summer memories was laying on a wooden trailer in the middle ofContinue reading “a slice of nostalgia”

dear summer, all you had to do was stay.

“I don’t know what a meaningful life is supposed to be like, but I feel so close to it.”  I wrote that little sentence in May. I was on to something. I didn’t know what was coming, but I had to hope that it was going to be good. This summer was nothing I expected.Continue reading “dear summer, all you had to do was stay.”