what i read in september 

How IN THE WORLD is it October already? October is one of my favorite months in the whole year, and I am not taking it for granted. Before we wholeheartedly plunge into October, let’s look back at the two books I finished this month. Spoiler alert: I highly esteem and recommend them both. One takesContinue reading “what i read in september “

what I read in July.

HOW IN THE WORLD IS JULY ALMOST OVER? Half of my heart is grieving that these are the last few weeks of summer, while the other half is quietly anticipating the comeback of skinny jeans and Grey’s Anatomy. There is still much beauty to savor, and the beauty of autumn to anticipate. As far as reading goesContinue reading “what I read in July.”

peace, packing light, and baby steps

If we were to have a coffee date, and I would look in your eyes, this is what I would say that I’ve been learning and this is where I am coveting your prayers. I would look like a hot mess, because I am tired. But I’d have a sparkle in my eye — becauseContinue reading “peace, packing light, and baby steps”

what i read in may

These books that I finished this month are powerhouses. They both also happened to be about biblical womanhood: gentle and strong, generous and loyal, humble and confident, wild and free. 13. Wild and Free by Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan Wild women know that the aroma of Christ and the wind of the Holy Spirit flowingContinue reading “what i read in may”

december reads. 

Here it is, friends.  The books that are bringing my list of 2015 reads to an end.    25. When I Don’t Desire God by John Piper. “ …it is a good fight because we are not left to our own strength in the fight.” I cannot say enough good words about When I Don’t DesireContinue reading “december reads. “