what i read in march.

This month, I continue my average from February of four books in four weeks and add my 2017 stack to a total number of eleven books! I hope that as I reach one of the busiest seasons of my life (I see you coming, May!), I will only continue making reading good, long, sharpening books aContinue reading “what i read in march.”

what I read in July.

HOW IN THE WORLD IS JULY ALMOST OVER? Half of my heart is grieving that these are the last few weeks of summer, while the other half is quietly anticipating the comeback of skinny jeans and Grey’s Anatomy. There is still much beauty to savor, and the beauty of autumn to anticipate. As far as reading goesContinue reading “what I read in July.”

what i read in april.

What an eclectic mix this month! I am so glad I read all three, but I don’t know if I’ll be reading them again in their entirety: 10. The Complete Stories of Flannery O’ Connor He felt he knew now what time would be like without seasons and what heat would be like without lightContinue reading “what i read in april.”

currently :: vol. 2

I grabbed this currently list from Amber Thomas last month, and I’ve decided to bring it into the blog on a normal basis! Here is what’s been going on since the beginning of March. loving. Sharpie pens. Possible new writing opportunities. My job. Warmer weather. My iPhone — mainly for Spotify, texting, Instagram, and Snapchat.Continue reading “currently :: vol. 2”

summer reads.

Confession time, friends. Summer is known for reading on the beach or tucked in the air conditioning in the middle of the afternoon. I’ll admit that my expectation of summer looked something like that. However, I only finished five books. all. summer. long. I have my reasons (it was mainly Netflix and napping to beContinue reading “summer reads.”