what i read in january.

I feel refreshed after a month of getting back into a reading routine and gaining momentum after a two month period of finishing not. one. single. book. In summary, I read 24 books in 2016 with an average of 2 books a month! I hope to kick that number in the butt in 2017, but amContinue reading “what i read in january.”

what I read in July.

HOW IN THE WORLD IS JULY ALMOST OVER? Half of my heart is grieving that these are the last few weeks of summer, while the other half is quietly anticipating the comeback of skinny jeans and Grey’s Anatomy. There is still much beauty to savor, and the beauty of autumn to anticipate. As far as reading goesContinue reading “what I read in July.”

summer reading list || 2016

My expectations are high – maybe even unrealistic. But, these are the books that I am eyeing right now and want to spend at least a little bit of time in over the next few months! Although I want to be disciplined in reading of more of what I already have, don’t hold me toContinue reading “summer reading list || 2016”

what i read in april.

What an eclectic mix this month! I am so glad I read all three, but I don’t know if I’ll be reading them again in their entirety: 10. The Complete Stories of Flannery O’ Connor He felt he knew now what time would be like without seasons and what heat would be like without lightContinue reading “what i read in april.”

what i read in march.

March was full of starting and working through several thick books (as well as returning a few books that I didn’t deem worth my time back to the shelf) — this led to this tiny book being the only one I completed, but what is lacking in volume it gained in meaning. Wow. 9. TheContinue reading “what i read in march.”

sweet sixteen renovation.

Hey friends! IT’S BIRTHDAY WEEK! Almost sixteen years ago a little girl was born six weeks early before anyone had a chance to decorate the nursery. In celebration this year, my Mom and Dad gave me a total room makeover. I loved my room before, but it was time to reorganize, make it fresh, andContinue reading “sweet sixteen renovation.”

love does and other books of january.

For all of last year, I Instagram-ed every book that I read. I would include it’s number in the lineup of how many I had finished since January 1 with a comment or two. I ended up reading thirty books in 2014. Instead of doing that regularly again this year, I’m hoping to write moreContinue reading “love does and other books of january.”