the secret to finding holy rest

In 2 Chronicles, there are two battles that are told side by side that note two important components of the Christian life. We can’t afford to only see each of them individually, but to open the eyes of our hearts to both of them in order to more fully see the truth of who we are to be.

2 Chronicles 18 describes the king of Israel, Ahab at the time, fighting in the midst of everything with his army, disguised so that no one would recognize him from the others, considering the whole army of Syria had been ordered to only be after him. The army of Syria thought Jehoshaphat was king of Israel (instead of king of Judah) and fought against him. In the midst of the fight, Jehoshaphat cried out. It says in verse 31: “Jehoshaphat cried out, and the LORD helped him; God drew them away from him.” They realized he was not indeed Ahab and soon scattered. When the story seemed to be looking up, Ahab was struck and immediately realized his fate, asking to be taken off the battlefield. The battle did not cease. He listened and watched the battle, “propped up in his chariot”, and “at sunset he died”. I It was a battle where the army was pulled together to fight hard and fearlessly. Afterward, King Jehoshaphat returned to Judah.

Later in 2 Chronicles 20, Jehoshaphat is once again heading to a discouraging battle and calling out to God, humbling himself at the thought of battle: “In your hand are power and might, so that none is able to withstand you…. For we are powerless against this great horde that is coming against us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you” (verses 6,12). God answers Jehoshaphat in verse 17: “You will not need to fight in this battle. Stand firm, hold your position, and see the salvation of the LORD on your behalf, O Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid and do not be dismayed. Tomorrow go out against them, and the LORD will be with you.”

There are two kinds of battle we face in our daily walks: the ones we fight until we are dog-tired and bloody, confused at the ending but surrendering it all to the Lord and the ones we watch and wait with belief for our deliverance.

There is one thing that is required of us in every single type of battle, regardless of what it’s for, whether we will be doing the fighting or God will completely take care of us without our interruptions:

We are always, always called to show up.

 We are commanded to stand firm, to hold our position, to remain unafraid regardless of what we can see.

We don’t have to worry about the outcomes, but we still go out to meet the battle. Whether we fight hard or watch for the Lord, in both situations we call upon the Lord to move.

We can’t stand firm in how we want to see the battle becoming, but we can stand firm in the promises of God. That He has got us. We don’t have to fight, love, walk, win, forgive, or surrender alone.

What does standing firm accomplish? As we see in 2 Chronicles 20:29-30, “…The fear of God came on all the kingdoms of the countries when they heard that the LORD had fought against the enemies of Israel. So the realm of Jehoshaphat was quiet, for his God gave him rest all around.”

When we stand firm we can be confident that people will take note. And whether we are the destination or a stepping stone on the way to this realization, people will know that something as amazing as a battle lived like that can only come from God. They will see that even when you didn’t know what to do, your eyes were on Him.

Your battles, beloved? I know that they are tantalizing. Confusing. They make you want to stay home and face your back to them. But the focus is not on the success of your battle, but a dependence on God that lead the nations to see His face. When you get on your face before the LORD, call for help, and stand firm in the promises of God? Overwhelming armies are exchanged for rest all around. Rest is not found in laziness, but reliance. Rest isn’t in numbing yourself away from your one life, but from embracing what God has for you in all that lays ahead. Your battles are complex. Show up to them anyway. Stand firm in the hope of your God being with you. Maybe your battle won’t recede, but your holy rest is coming.

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what i read in february

This month puts my tally to seven books so far this year! I am passionate about each of these books on my shelf this month. The common threads, unintentionally, have been solitude, idolatry, technology addiction, pressing against lies, ministering with compassion. These books have made me wonder why people don’t read and how in the world they function without books. Everyone that owns an iPhone would benefit from Changing The Subject, every minister should read The Way of the Heart in seminary, every Christian should invest in Counterfeit Gods, and The Broken Way continues to take my breath away. Humor me? Read on for all the good words about these books that my nose was stuck in this February.


  • The Way Of The Heart: Connecting With God Through Prayer, Wisdom, and Silence by Henri J. M. Nouwen 

We have, indeed, to fashion our own desert where we can withdraw every day, shake off our compulsions, and dwell in the gentle healing presence of the Lord. Without such a desert we will lose our own soul while preaching the gospel to others. But with such a spiritual abode, we will become increasingly conformed to Him in whose name we minister.

Henri Nouwen’s pen, I am convinced, was made of gold. This account is easy to read and gives a deeper level to Christianity’s simplest lessons in a way that convicts and inspires. This book touches on how we have replaced compassion with systems, living life together for meetings, action for God as intimacy with God. Nouwen redefines ministry, what it looks like to live out a true ministerial life, and the problems of how we have been approaching it in the 21st century. I highly recommend this read if you are seeking more prayer, solitude, and compassion in your life… or, maybe, especially if you don’t know why those components even matter on the daily. (This book would be especially profitable for church staff, pastors, and those in leadership roles in their communities!)


  • Counterfeit Gods: The Empty Promises of Money, Sex, and Power and the Only Hope That Matters by Timothy Keller

We become like what we worship.

In this book, Keller takes the three main things that we have set before God as a culture and points to the truth of how life in Christ trumps everything the world has to offer. What made me love Tim Keller even more in this book, is that he is aware and awake to the problems of our secular and church culture. He knows what is going on outside of his generation and has such a gift for pointing us to the Scripture that applies to the same issues we are wrestling with today. Counterfeit Gods made me ask myself what motivates me to wake up in the morning (is it an idol or my God?) and made me look at money, sex, and power completely differently. This goes on my list of “Christianity Classics” and I’ll be recommending it for years to come.


  • The Broken Way: A Daring Path Into The Abundant Life by Ann Voskamp

In Christ, I  am chosen, accepted, justified, anointed, sealed, forgiven, redeemed, complete, free, Christ’s friend, God’s child, Spirit’s home.

Oh, The Broken Way. This was my second journey through The Broken Way, and so much more came alive to me on this time through. I led a small group in my church and we watched the accompanying videos and discussed our readings each week. Something I appreciated that wasn’t at the front of my mind when I read it last October, was how Voskamp doesn’t just tell us truth, but invites us to live the story with her. I appreciate her honesty that doesn’t make me feel like it’s impossible to live a messed up, cruciform, yet-truly-abundant life. To see my first full review of the book, go here. If you’ve read The Broken Way and don’t want to let the truths of the book get dusty in your mind, check out my book-based playlist. 


  • Changing the Subject: Art and Attention in the Internet Age by Sven Birkerts

Do most of us truly wish to be in the swim of the digital “now”? Or is it more that people are afraid of not being in that swim? Could both be true at once? Almost everybody I know makes the same superficial complaints about the distraction, the triviality, the frustration, the self-alienation, you name it. At the same time, there is clearly such a powerful, and, it seems, increasing desire to be in touch – to express ourselves, to hear from others, to  be caught up in that pulse for a time eases our essential loneliness.

A T T E N T I O N: Everyone that owns an iPhone needs this book. While The Way of the Heart was about the spiritual implications of noise in our lives, Birkerts takes on a more intellectual angle. It’s about our generation’s “fragmentation of focus” & being “choked by noise”. How technology is literally rewiring our brains, our kids’ brains — how it’s changing the way we communicate & see art. It initially made me want to pull every iPad from every little kid’s and grown adult’s hand, and honestly? I don’t think that a bad thing. We need to be more aware of the issues of connection, attention, and communication because of the silent change brought on by our devices. Simply put: this book has encouraged me to forget about my phone more often, embraced people over systems, buy in physical stores when possible, create with no distractions, and read more books. If I ever go completely off the grid, y’all can blame Sven Birkerts.

Currently reading….


Ethics by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

…and currently contemplating on what titles to choose for the weeks and months ahead!

What authors and topics have been keeping you flipping pages as we dig in deeper to 2017? Tell me what books have been on your mind in the comments!

dear Church, it is our time to rise.

If you are weary from the all political talk, if you are afraid for the unborn and for the refugee, for safe places to land, the respect of women and the integrity of men, for the unity of the church, if you are gasping for steady breaths in a panicked world – you are in the right place. Our editor, Rachel Dawson, posed this question on Twitter last week and it affirmed everything I was feeling:

“Daily battling the desire to disconnect from the Internet entirely (it’s hard, heavy, etc) … but don’t want to be ignorant/unaware either. How do we live in this tension well?”

The internet can be a place of abundant kingdom work. But the evil one wants to distort anything that can be used for the glory of God, and I believe that he is using it as a tool of distraction and division today. If we are not careful, it consumes us. Because this is the truth: if there are a thousand voices shouting in our minds about the core of who we are and precisely how we should think, we just might miss the voice of God. As with anything in life, we should know who we are and what our mission is before we say hundreds of accidental yeses as we scroll through a list of both fruitful teachings and faulty doctrines.

If we are not careful, this confusion replaces the people sitting elbow-to-elbow with us. It eats up too much of our valuable time. For some, this means cutting out the internet entirely and reading a newspaper. For others, perhaps for most of us, this means reality checks. Self-control. Intentionality.


The evil one is here, and he wants to divide. Distract. In order for us to thrive in these times instead of retract, we have serious work to do. It starts simply and with us as individuals. We have to strip down every living day and teach the gospel to ourselves. If I am not in touch with the weight of my sin and the freedom from my oppression, then how am I able to make a difference? If I am not grounded in the truth of love, how will I ever be more than another clanging gate, joining the noise of millions?


There is a war going on against everything holy. We have received the Good News of Jesus Christ. Man cannot touch or pluck away from God all that is His. We cannot splash an iota of darkness on it or throw more light on top of it. But evil can distort how the Gospel is perceived, touched, and spread. In order to protect the church, the ones saved and the ones to be saved, we have to fight. Let it be known, friend, that we don’t walk into this battle unarmed and unprepared. Whether it is on the internet, in our own homes, or in our cities, Christ has enabled us with everything we need to walk this out into completion.


You have a belt of truth that holds everything together. Your words are not your own, you don’t sustain the whole world on your shoulders: God does. Walk in what you know confidently and seek His Spirit to give you wisdom where you do not.

You have a breastplate of righteousness that justifies you and cannot change your name from Chosen to Taken. You are covered in the blood of Christ. You belong.

You own a shield of faith that negates everything – not just some things, but all things – the evil one throws your direction.

You hold a helmet of salvation that secures you. It protects you from doubt.

You’ve got a sword from the Spirit that can slay. The Word of God is meant for our life, peace, but it is also created for our strength and protection.

Oh yeah, and those shoes for your feet? You have sandals that scatter peace everywhere you tread on the earth. You don’t have to walk afraid. You can run with readiness, eager to shed the light you’ve got.

(Adapted from Ephesians 6.)

I am saddened, grieved by the events in our nation. But may I say something bold, something that might shake a few heads? This makes me excited for the church. We have an opportunity here to rise up. It starts with living our one life with integrity, generously giving, always praising and reaching out. Stay faithful with the little things and God will use you in big ways. What sign will we hold above our heads in bold protest? Will we hold up condemnation for either side? Or will we consistently be the evil-slayers, water-givers, bread-breakers, and peace-makers everywhere? Maybe, just now, I finally understand what be the rising means?


Ephesians 1:13-16 says it likes this: “But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ. For he himself is our peace, who has made us both one and has broken down in his flesh the dividing wall of hostility by abolishing the law of commandments expressed in ordinances, that he might create in himself one new man in place of the two, so making peace, and might reconcile us both to God in one body through the cross, thereby killing the hostility.”

If Jesus was so passionate about reconciliation that He gave His life and threw the world in a glorious upside-down motion for the sake of our unity in Him, shouldn’t I dedicate my life towards that same mission? We get to choose what we will be known for. You have to chance to redeem how the church will be seen today. Will they know more about what we are for (light, love, unity, forgiveness) or what we are against (politically, personally, in condemnation)? There will be people you disagree with at every turn. Instead of causing a division with our debates, let’s create conversations. Instead of choosing comfortable silence, speak up in the face of evil. We don’t all know all the answers. If one of us claims to understand everything going on underneath the sun, isn’t that clothing yourself with a kind of arrogance? The way forward to unity during division is through research and spurring each other on further into the love of Christ. If you are in Christ, we must love our brothers and sisters and strive for unity. Be kind, always and with no exceptions. Keep your mind open, while holding your convictions strong. (It’s possible.) Test everything according to God’s Word and at the end of the day change your mind or proclaim your belief more confidently. Will we be known for taking sides and abusing our neighbor? Or will we be known for bold love and mending fences? Will we use the armor of God that is drenched with hope and truth? Or will we stand by the empty promises of man that reap our own destruction?

You are making an impact. Wherever you are, however you are exercising your influence – you’ve got it. However small it may seem, you are called to steward what you have well. Rest secure because in the Spirit, you have a full suit of armor that will withhold you along the way.

“The church of the present – comprised of every Christian on planet Earth – has a rock-solid foundation but it doesn’t have walls. It’s not meant to. It is made up of porous skin. We will have to labor hard and break a sweat sometimes to keep from absorbing the brutality of a culture in love with itself.” — Beth Moore, Entrusted

So wherever you tread today, let it be all be about peace, grace, and justice. May we fight unapologetically for the sake of the Gospel, know that revival starts in our hearts, and that by arming ourselves to be the rising we might continue a holy revolution to the glory of our Father.


See this original post where it was born at my home away from home, The Rising.

what i read in january.

I feel refreshed after a month of getting back into a reading routine and gaining momentum after a two month period of finishing not. one. single. book. In summary, I read 24 books in 2016 with an average of 2 books a month! I hope to kick that number in the butt in 2017, but am pleased about the titles I accomplished and lingered over this past year. You can find all my past book reviews here. 


  • Talking As Fast As I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (And Everything In Between) by Lauren Graham

Writers: how therapists buy summer homes. 

Lauren Graham is the main star of two of my favorite shows, Gilmore Girls and Parenthood. This memoir, unlike A Year In The Life, was no disappointment. (Although the endings of both leave the same confused and hopeless feelings. Just a warning.) Graham took us through the beginning of her career, season by season through Gilmore Girls, gave writers some fantastic tips, skirted us through the adventures of her love life, and gave a lovely tribute to Parenthood. It was light and breezy – there wasn’t a real common thread that pulled the whole book together in harmony which at times annoyed me.  I received this one as a gift on Christmas day and had it finished within a week! If you love Gilmore Girls as much as I do, definitely pick this one up. As a bonus, I already had Lauren’s voice in my head as she told her stories and that added to the simple charm of the book!


  • Writing Down The Bones: Freeing The Writer Within by Natalie Goldberg

I write because there are stories that people have forgotten to tell, because I am a woman trying to stand up in my life. I write because to form a word with your lips and tongue or think a thing and then dare to write it down so you can never take it back is the most powerful thing I know. I am trying to come alive, to find the distances in my own recesses and bring them forward and give them color and form.

This book was the best book I have read about writing to date. I have had this one on my shelf for almost a year, but once I gave this book more than a glance, I couldn’t put it down. I decided to not highlight my favorite segments, because I wouldn’t quit highlighting. I love Goldberg’s unique voice, how she faces the struggles, reality, and glory of writing. I’ll keep this one nearby for years to come and pull out an essay or two when I am feeling discouraged and at a dead-end in my projects. Natalie Goldberg is a Buddhist, so at times the book stretched out of my belief system and comfort zone, but it’s important to read a bit from people you don’t understand and overall that didn’t overshadow the heart of the book! I was expecting a boring yet helpful book on writing, and instead was met with a poetic, thrilling, helpful account!


  • Girl Meets Change: Truths To Carry You Through Life’s Transitions by Kristen Strong

When God uses change to send us packing, He sends us with the promise of blessing too.

January held some gut-wrenching change for me, and the rest of the year will be no different, so I picked this one up on a whim when I was taking care of my responsibilities at my church library. This book was a helpful companion, and I would recommend it, especially for those who are new to the faith or need a “change of scenery” so to speak! Kristen Strong was a new author for me. Honestly, I didn’t like her style of writing at all, but the heart of the God-given truths kept me going until the last page.

Currently reading…

The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp (for the second time)

Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend 

Abiding in Christ by Andrew Murray

Way of the Heart by Henri J. M. Nouwen

The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines

Friends, what are you reading right now? Do you have a monstrous reading goal marked for yourself in 2017? Tell me what you have recently hated or loved!





the broken way: a playlist of hope & remembering

The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp has been a powerful catalyst in my life since I first opened one of my first launch team e-mails in September 2016 and started scrolling through chapter one, to highlighting on my Mac late into the night so that I could finish the book before I met Ann herself, to present day: rereading my physical copy as it is already showing signs of use and love. This book has shown me that I don’t have to afraid of my brokenness, because through my weakest places God can reveal His power to the world in a way that He couldn’t if I would live my days as a put-together-always-smiling-actress. That maybe the hurt I despise could lead to intimate communion. That I can give freely and confidently, because I am loved deeply. You can find my full review on the book here: daring to live the broken & cruciform way.  Visit for the moving trailer, free printables, all the best reviews, and a direct link to getting a copy all your own.

The hard truth? Sometimes I am so weak that I don’t feel like I could bear the weight of a page, my own or someone else’s. On other days, I am on the go either working at my computer or commuting several hours a day roundtrip. No matter where I find myself on that spectrum, I still always need to be reminding myself of the truth that Ann pens simply and poetically: “You’re guilty, but not condemned. You’re busted up, but believed in. You’re broken, but beloved.” That reminder could come in prayer, gift-blitzing, the ministry of presence, practically a thousand ways… but one way that I have found extremely healing for my soul is in music. Perhaps you need to remember the truth of who you are, too?

I am about to kick off The Broken Way study with over a dozen women in my community tomorrow night. I made a playlist brimmed full of melodies and lyrics that resound the message of The Broken Way for them, and for you. The lyrics hold stories of heartache and resurrection, redemption and true community from artists like Jason Gray, Kari Jobe, Lecrae, and Tenth Avenue North.

Take a scroll and listen while you kick off this brand new semester, do the dishes, drive to that presentation, or go pick up the kids from school. Exhale. Grab some hope and light. Bookmark it, tuck the words away in your heart, and save it for a rainy day. I’ll do the same.


intro to vision board-ing.

Making vision boards is something that I have only habitually done since this past Autumn, right before my school semester got cranked up and I needed some focus and direction as I looked into the days ahead. It has always been revitalizing for me to work with my hands. I love painting, knitting, and finding treasures hidden in common day magazines, but regardless of what I am making it is having the satisfaction of making something that can never be recreated precisely the same way that is so life-giving.

While I have made magazine art that doesn’t directly correlate with a season of my life, I have found it beneficial to create a piece that holds images and headlines that help me think of the next few months in a positive light and inspire me to be a real, tough goal digger.

My girl Hannah Brencher stated it this way and I couldn’t agree more: I’ve needed a hobby for a while and something about this has really fueled my heart to create more, dream more and expect more from God. In the midst of flight delays, I went to the store and got a sketch book for $5. Been using all my old magazines to dec these pages out with prayers and inspirational articles I find. Amazing outlet for anxiety. Beautiful way to cast vision but also get inspired by the visions of others.”

I keep my vision board as a desktop screensaver so that I catch glimpses of it every time I open my computer and in transition between projects. You can read all about my fall vision board HERE.




you will need the following:

  • A pile of old magazines that you won’t feel like reading in entirety again. I used a Lane Bryant catalog I got in the mail in December, an old fortune, Good Housekeeping (that Lauren Graham article though!), a Christian Bible Study flyer, and tons of Real Simple.
  • Stick glue.
  • Cardstock paper. I have used acrylic friendly as well as brown kraft, both work nicely! The important thing is just having enough thickness to the foundational page that won’t soften or bend the end result.
  • Scissors.
  • A safe space to spread out.
  • Coffee and Ed Sheeran optional, but highly recommended.






In my first session for this project, I started with a huge poster board. Eventually, I ditched the overwhelming bulk of it and moved to a smaller page. I love the idea of keeping a small sketchbook! It was more challenging to fit everything I wanted to include in the smaller piece, and I was sad to see the rose gold floral pictured above go, but it helped me to prioritize what was worth keeping for both looks and implications.




The great thing about making vision boards (or vision journals, as some people like to lovingly refer them), is that anyone can do it! It’s not something that requires three consecutive trips to Hobby Lobby. It won’t break the bank, and it will still get your creative juices flowing, as well as propelling you onto a better life even after you’ve finished. Most of us have scissors, glue, magazines we aren’t reading, and a few pieces of paper lying around! It is easy. While time consuming, I believe that even the least-creative of people can get into the puzzle of it all. As Hannah has said, it is amazing hands-on work for someone with anxiety. It feels good to dream, have control over design, put thoughts to paper, create something concrete and beautiful. Lastly, there are no rules! You don’t have to explain why the simple phrase “don’t be afraid to shift gears” or the image of the pencil with shavings laying all around awakened something inside you, if you don’t want to. This isn’t a project for school (most likely). It’s for you, so do whatever you want! Nothing has to match. If you like it, it goes! Rearrange. Allow for some craziness. Include everything you like, and then slowly design and make the final cuts. Get messy. (Most of our lives need to be pre-approved by someone, so it’s important to make art and cook dinner and remember who we are! Especially because so much of the rest of our lives are out of our control.)


While there are no rules, when I am creating a board for the next season of my life, I try to create a section based on multiple areas or main events. This time around, I made a section on health, writing, my relationship with Jesus, other creative work, community life, a shout-out to coffee, learning, and graduation. The section on health was significantly larger than the others because a) my heart and body is craving whole wellness like never before! and b) the materials I was working with catered to the topic.



In the end, there will be things you want to change. You’ll want to add just one more word, move something that doesn’t sit the way you wanted it to, recreate a corner because it’s not as Instagram-worthy . Celebrate anyway! You got off your phone for a few hours, moved those fingers beyond a scroll, and thought your own thoughts. We live in a world of headlines that make us want to shut down and give up. The most important thing is making smiling, reviving headlines. 

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. – Pablo Picasso

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your 365 step guide to a powerful new year

Glory, hallelujah for January 1! How does it feel to be settling into a new chapter?

We are reaching nine full days in 2017. I don’t know about you, but the first week of the new year I believe that almost anything is possible. I can write the book. I can shed the weight. I could fall in love. I can start brand new. 

I hope that I will serve you all better and love you well in 2017. There are literally thousands of internet homes you could be visiting instead, and I don’t take it lightly that for even a shred of time I hold a piece of your valuable time and your heart. I want to make this space inviting, beautiful, and challenging (in all the best ways) for you all year long. I might be more quiet some months more than others, because this year holds big changes for me as well as time dedicated to a few nameless-for-now-Kingdom-rooted goals. But, I promise, you never leave my mind and you are one of my favorite places to land, to reflect, to grow in Christ’s love and instruction.

This year, I didn’t hold back on my goals. Last year, I set some worthy ambitions but never broke them down into attainable, daily steps. The truth is this: you don’t get a renewed mind without being in the Presence of God, a new body without putting something different in your mouth, and you don’t get a cleaner house by googling “cleaning strategy”.  I looked into the face of the things I want in my own life that I have the power to control and said, “This. This is your year.” I threw my excuses in the garbage. I began. I’ve started a vision board. I’ve processed through the good, the bad, and the ugly of 2016. I’ve made a plan of how I want to steward my time. When I stumble on the way, I stop playing victim and continue chasing. But here is the thing: beginnings feel sexy. It is exciting to feel the burn after your first post-holiday workout. It is thrilling to see the first few pounds shed during your first week of clean eats. It doesn’t feel daunting to dig into a project, the study, the semester when you have a bright idea of how it will all turn out. We all know and have experienced that change doesn’t last all year long on adrenaline alone. I won’t succeed with my ambitions this year until they become actions in my daily routine. You don’t become an avid prayer warrior by talking about it, you don’t get the date without asking for it. You’re never truly loved until your heart is exposed. You don’t get vibrant, bigger faith by playing it safe.

Good intentions? Ideas? Pinterest boards? They are home base. They are wonderful tools to keep you going! We kickstart from those spaces, but we don’t succeed until we choose the same thing every day when we get up in the morning. Do you want to know how to get the year you really want? The one you start itching for the day after Christmas? Make a choice. Make another choice. And keep making those choices 365 times. 

This is my urge, my push, my call to you as we plunge wholeheartedly into the new year:

“…Fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands, for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” – 2 Timothy 1:6-7


You have a gift unlike any other. It won’t blossom by itself. Fan that baby into flame! Pray over it, exercise it, feed your heart with truth, weed through the lies, and repeat! Sure, this year won’t go like you plan. Life will throw you curveballs and you might wonder what is worth all the inconvenience. You’ll get discouraged. But you know what is bigger than our daily anguish and disappointments? God’s love and majesty, grace and joy. If we live like we believe in those things, He will readjust our hearts, shape our manmade goals into God dreams, and mold our year into something so beautiful only He could do it. 


I know the main way that people try to run out the back door on their new year resolutions on January 15th, April 2nd, July 4th is through fear. I’m not good enough, I don’t have time, why does it even matter? You have to believe that you’ll have the strength to not stay the person you were the year before. That means you’ll experience joy and discomfort, both of which can be terrifying. Don’t dwell in what didn’t get done in 2016. Push. Let go of the weight of your own expectations and let God use you. Run. You are worth it. You belong here. 


If we are in Christ, we have the power of the living God who rose Jesus Christ from the bloody grave by his mighty grace inside of us.

The real question is, church, what can’t we do if we are battling on the side of the Father? Running after God dreams? Fighting the good fight of faith? Becoming a better temple for His Spirit to dwell? Seeking to glorify Him in all things?


In our frailties and bitterness, the paradox of the human heart, God gives us the growth of lovingkindness. He gives us the love and we hand it right back to Him as a sacrifice when we reveal that kind of true love to the people under our roofs, in our circles, at our tables, across the street, and around the world. Because we have His power, we are able to minister His love with wider implications and a much deeper impact. What if love got a bigger name than chaos did in 2016? 


What do you need to say no to in order to say yes to the ministry God is awakening inside of you? A quiet, suffocating addiction? A relationship?  A responsibility that zaps life out of you? Brothers and sisters, He has given us the power to say no to things that don’t love us back, anything that keeps us from healthily furthering the gospel, and the love to make the tension of the decision worth it.

We’ve been commissioned to do shocking, tough, holy things. We weren’t given a spirit of laziness, of doubt, of unbelief. Power is yours. Love is yours. Self-control is yours.

What would you do if you were automatically promised a yes? Success? Being loved back? If you had never been burnt out? Start there and stay faithful.

In Jesus’ name, what will you accomplish?



five choices to turn this Christmas week upside down

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This week a lot of hurt is highlighted and identities are shaken. We say, “My love won’t be enough, I need to buy them a little something more. The house doesn’t look good enough, I need to get busy. This year wasn’t productive enough, I need to squeeze in tighter jeans and wake up earlier before January 1.” Or, “How do I look into the face of the people I’ve disappointed with love and how do I look in the mirror and not see failure? Loss took my sleep and my heart this year, how do I sing Joy To The World here when it is hardest to even breathe?”

This week has the potential to add to your weariness or it can make you clap in celebration. You can come to the stable humble or you can stay cold. You can beat yourself up or you can dare in hope. You are invited to make His love your home, but you can choose to remain in lies.

I ask you this – how do you want to remember this December? When you look back at this in the years to come, what do you want to see more than anything else?

As I think over that question for myself, these are the choices that I am carefully crafting and praying over these holy days.

choosing the better thing

When Jesus came to the house of Martha and Mary in the village he was visiting, Martha was whining that Mary was at the feet of Jesus listening to his teaching and not helping her clean. Scripture says in Luke 10:40 that “Martha was distracted with much serving.” My heart understands Martha’s. I so often choose to clean up my act before I allow myself to sit with the Lord, but Jesus said this to Martha in her hustle and impatience:

“You are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.”

— Luke 10:41-42

Our culture belittles soul-rest, let alone sitting at the feet of Jesus to simply listen. To admit our need and to come to sit at His feet. So what better way to make a stand for the kingdom of God then to choose time with Him over things that can be taken from us in an instant? It sounds crazy to our busy world that is distracted with productivity and independent, but our strength that comes from Christ alone is unmistakable and our time in the presence of God can never be stolen.

choosing forgiveness & gratefulness

God has awakened much in me lately, but I know for certain that He has moved me towards less anger, more forgiveness, and true gratefulness. It’s not easy, and the process is only beginning, but one step toward freedom is not a small thing. If in these next few days, we would acknowledge our hurt against others instead of lashing out in anger, what would happen? When it’s easier to choose judgment and bitterness, let’s choose pain and compassion. Let’s ask for the grace and the other-worldly strength. Let’s choose being hurt over being angry. It doesn’t sound normal, but God coming as a baby was not normal. It is upside down from everything we had expected. That is why it means everything to us.

choosing to come humbly to the stable

It’s the truth of our identity that we can’t live forever unless we are born again. The sweet thing, the overwhelming thing, about Jesus’ birth is that now it is made possible. When we come to the stinky stable in all our own grime and accept the wild truth of who this God-child is, we are adopted as beloved children. It all sounded crazy and impossible to a bunch of Jews who just knew that Mary must have committed a crime, but we know the truth that it was only the beginning of Christ baffling man’s expectations as He created the gospel story. Kristen Strong said it this way: “Wrapped in the swaddled bundle of a wee babe is a startling truth: sometimes God allows change in our lives so we can have his presence like never before.”

choosing to give generously

We have been given the best gift, and the only Gift that matters and eternally lasts. How much more should that encourage us to wrap joyfully, to deliver packages and joy? We have the chance to give generously year-round. What better way to open conversations about God’s grace and faithfulness than when we are giving gifts than during the curiosity of the world when it is Christmas? The chances are, you are going to give something in the days ahead: will you give Good News or stress? Will you give from necessity or out of love? It’s no trivial thing, shedding beauty wherever we tread. Will you be a little crazy with me? Do a touch of the unthinkable? Let’s not grumble in our to-dos… let’s make it simple (we have nothing to prove!), keep our thoughts grateful when plans get destroyed and homes get messy, and lavish love wrapped in bows and hugs with generous hearts! We have been given a Savior! How much more should the church be moved to give happily as a symbol of true love and forgiveness?

choosing to make the truth of God-with-us into a God-with-us party!

I know it sounds impossible. You are burnt out, and it is impossible to get it all done. You don’t have time to sit and pray, because the guest bed needs changing and the gifts need wrapping and your heart is bleeding. Do you want to know the gospel’s all-encompassing truth? The baby was born so that the veil could be torn. He is God-with-us. You can take Him with you. Take Him to the store, see the world under redemption’s light. Give Him a seat around your Christmas tree, and watch the glow on your family’s faces like never before. God-with-us sometimes means prayer rooms and silent corners, but God-with-us gives us the freedom to tap into His presence in the driving and eating and dancing. While half of the world feeds on greed, give Him your heart and your home. Ask Him to come and flourish in His birthday party. Ask Him to be in the unspoken disappointments and needs, the comfortable silences, and the loud noise of family.

Rejoice, oh church! We have a stable to celebrate in and a cross to confess beneath. Rejoice, because we have both places to crawl. You see, everything broken and restless and insecure in us comes alive and whole in a baby in Bethlehem. Everything that aches and is helpless – finds healing and hope. On that not-so-silent-night, all our lives shifted and had a chance. I am captivated by a God who carefully thought through how to come to this earth so that He could sympathize with us, save us, be with us.

Merry Christmas, friends. See you next year. 

lessons in living Advent

“And there was a prophetess, Anna, the daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Asher. She was advanced in years, having lived with her husband seven years from when she was a virgin, and then as a widow until she was eighty-four. She did not depart from the temple, worshiping with fasting and prayer night and day. And coming up at that very hour she began to give thanks to God and to speak of him to all who were waiting for the redemption of Jerusalem.”

— Luke 2:36-38

I cannot shake Anna out of my mind. This story takes place just one month after Jesus is born. While at the temple when Anna the prophetess heard that the baby had finally come, she was glad and began to declare the good news. Can you imagine? “Messiah has arrived! God is in our midst! Redemption is on the way, Jerusalem!”

Luke 2 tells us that Anna was the the temple night and day, worshiping.



The girl knew how to live Advent. You don’t stay in the temple day and night if you don’t know that the waiting is worth it; if a Savior coming in the darkest night isn’t what you need most.

When I first sunk into this passage, I began to ask the Lord to give me a desire for His Word. I want to be a woman that pulls back those sacred pages every single day. I want to know my Shepherd’s voice. When I read that Anna never departed from the temple, I felt like I had been punched in the gut. When was the last time I gave Him more than ten minutes to truly minister to my heart? Am I willing to be vulnerable? Am I willing to wait to hear from the Lord, or do I give up when He doesn’t show up in the way I would like?

“Waiting is an art that our impatient age has forgotten. It wants to break open the ripe fruit when it had hardly finished planting the shoot.”

— Dietrich Bonhoeffer

I want a faith that looks into the face of emotions and circumstances and says, “My God is bigger than you. And His Kingdom is coming.” I want to be faithful, sorting out the lies about myself and the God I serve in exchange for the truth of His Word. I don’t want to slap His name on a bunch of empty good deeds and call that a legacy. Prayer is the means by which theological truths seep into my bones and become actions. Therefore, I want to be immersed in prayer. I want to live from and pour out of the love He is always manifesting within me. I want to stay in the fight, and I don’t want to fill up on a thousand things that don’t love me back.

Anna didn’t know the timeline of when her Lord would finally come, and yet she was continually seeking the heart of God. She didn’t give up during the first week of hunger or silence. She looked outside herself and she lived in humility.

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how to be light when you don’t feel light.

It is the holiday season. Turkeys are being devoured, families are gathering, and in the luckiest places, snow is falling.

Across the world, these next few months of holidays are known as the most wonderful time of the year. I hope that this note finds you feeling that cliché down in your bones. I hope your days are becoming a perfect blend of work and sleep, rest and play. I need you to know, though, that you are not standing alone if you are dreading the winter and the holiday parties that seem to point out everything you don’t like about yourself. Maybe your nights are coming sooner and you are just craving some bright and merry days.

The truth is that so many of us are worn and battered from a rough year. Our hearts have taken a beating, a few dreams had to die, and we worked ruthlessly. The year didn’t turn out as we had hoped. We thought that we would be ice-skating with our new bae by now, or giving our parents the news of a pregnancy, feeling the happy change of something when the weather changed too.

We feel so-worth-rejecting. Or simply so-not-worth-loving.

I don’t tell you this as someone who has all her mess packed away tidy in a suitcase, as someone that doesn’t know what all of that feels like. I tell you this as a friend, as someone who has been there: you are so worth loving. When you put your feet to the floor in the morning and already feel a rush of defeat, you are so worth persevering. When you are dancing barefoot in the kitchen, you are so worth celebrating. When you feel gross and when you feel gorgeous, you are always worth affection. When you are wrestling deep in the night with covers and with lies that don’t seem to settle, you are so worth fighting for.

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