how to take heart in these troubled times

What a way to begin the year, right? We’ve had a celebrity death among 8 other precious souls, taken too soon. The outbreak of Coronavirus. Controversial half-time shows and award show speeches. Our world is hurting – secretly hoping for Eden although on most days I think we would settle for Mayberry or Stars Hollow.Continue reading “how to take heart in these troubled times”

a letter to the wanderer. 

Hey there, wanderer.   I call you a wanderer because that something that binds my heart with yours. We both know what it’s like to walk away from all that is holy and come back with empty arms and hearts. It’s something that breaks my heart over yours. I wish that you would look upContinue reading “a letter to the wanderer. “

a slice of nostalgia

Thank-you, Jesus, for nights that bring peace in a homesick season and a memory that comes home like an old friend even after many years. Here’s to holy and slow moving stories, unforgettable summer nights, and beating the odds. One of my favorite summer memories was laying on a wooden trailer in the middle ofContinue reading “a slice of nostalgia”

daring to remember

I don’t know if you’ve ever had the chance to hear landing gear slam into the runway, announcing your arrival back into your home country. It provokes the realization of an ending of a trip that seemed to have aged you three years in two weeks. It welcomes you back into your own little cornerContinue reading “daring to remember”