currently :: vol. 2

I grabbed this currently list from Amber Thomas last month, and I’ve decided to bring it into the blog on a normal basis! Here is what’s been going on since the beginning of March. loving. Sharpie pens. Possible new writing opportunities. My job. Warmer weather. My iPhone — mainly for Spotify, texting, Instagram, and Snapchat.Continue reading “currently :: vol. 2”

currently || march 3, 2016

Yet again, one of my friends from The Rising has inspired me! I asked if I could grab this “currently” list and idea that Amber Thomas began in February. She graciously said yes! This is just a few things going on in the home and mind of Emilee Clemons. loving.  My semi-new job, and the family I work for.Continue reading “currently || march 3, 2016”

the one where emilee writes too many bios.

Recently, I tried my hand at writing a semi-professional, tiny biography. It wasn’t a typical or polished first introduction, but it was real. It was the one that I felt God was pointing me towards. But before I came to that ultimate conclusion, I spent hours staring at two paragraphs about myself. (To be clear,Continue reading “the one where emilee writes too many bios.”