on the promises of growth and green fields.

You can find this post at it’s original home, and other favorite place to hang out on cyberspace, The Rising!  big thanks to Phil Frigon for letting me use his stunning photos!  Every spring in the Flint Hills of Kansas, when wind is unusually slow and the promise of summer introduces itself once again with eachContinue reading “on the promises of growth and green fields.”

a prayer for Ecuador

I went to Ecuador in 2014. When I heard that Ecuador was where I would be going to go on this mission trip, I had to look it up on the map. I’d never heard of it before, or given it a second thought. Most of you can probably relate to this. I don’t speakContinue reading “a prayer for Ecuador”

why I am praying bigger.

I have a sign in my room that has been hanging for going on around five years, since my family moved to the house we’re currently in. It just says, “Pray big.” Over the past few weeks and months, I’ve been looking over my prayer life. I’ve been reading through my prayer journal entries. I’veContinue reading “why I am praying bigger.”

a prayer for the spiritually dry.

Dear God, May I always see you as holy. I am not worthy to ask of You for anything, but Your Son did what it took to make this possible, so here I am, clumsy and trusting that confidence is what You have fought for. Thank-you for answering so many of my heart cries. HelpContinue reading “a prayer for the spiritually dry.”