about emilee

When it comes to writing words for friends, acquaintances, and strangers, I think of an Adele concert that is locked safe and sound in my DVR. It was first filmed LIVE in New York City last November. Because she is Adele, her gown is glistening and her voice is flawless. You can feel the emotion behind every word she sings and the way she sways behind her microphone makes you want to dance.When Adele reaches the heart of her concert, she examines the crowd in adoration but laughs nervously and says, “I love you, but you scare me.”

If I am honest, that is how I feel when I press publish most days.

I may not have a sparkly gown or a flawless voice, but the statement remains true. I love writing. I love my readers from past, present, and future. But you scare me. It is scary to show up to a blank page. But there is not much that I love more. 

I love to write about Jesus, goals, good reads, life events, and all the little joys in between.

Grab a strong cup of steaming coffee, settle in, and read along!

I am truly thrilled that you are here, friend. Welcome and thank-you. 







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