El Roi: the God who sees

It was the last night of our honeymoon. I looked out at that water that seemed to have no end in sight and everything that I couldn’t see was nagging on my heart. But then something happened to me that is rare – the deliciousness of a meal cooked in a 5 star restaurant, the easeContinue reading “El Roi: the God who sees”

what do fitzgerald, van gogh, & joanna gaines have in common?

F. Scott Fitzgerald died thinking his career was a flop. He spent too much time drinking and writing things that he didn’t care about. Vincent van Gosh couldn’t afford rent as an artist and his brother Theo footed the bill.  Joanna Gaines started out her working years in her Dad’s tire shop (where she would meetContinue reading “what do fitzgerald, van gogh, & joanna gaines have in common?”

meeting with God in the midst of our days

Last month at the Messy Bun Newsletter we talked about the why behind nourishing your soul with the Best, and today we are discussing HOW. I gathered advice from multiple women in vastly different seasons of life and asked them what it looks like for them. Are there seasons where meeting with God looks different?Continue reading “meeting with God in the midst of our days”

what to do when you’re inside the gate & dying to color outside of the lines

I’m living with a lot of guilt right now. Who am I to be the one with white skin and not marginalized? Who am I to not be the girl that was stolen out of her bed and taken away? Who am I to be the one born in the United States where I don’tContinue reading “what to do when you’re inside the gate & dying to color outside of the lines”

known by our love? or our rants?

How do you set up your process of taking in information? Do you learn about current events from more than one source? Do you block someone the minute they post something that you disagree with? Do you read books or listen to podcasts with more than one worldview? Do you eat dinner with people thatContinue reading “known by our love? or our rants?”

our vows for the kingdom

*settle in, put on “I Get To Love You*, and get ready to feel all the feels* Just me? Okay. One of our first choices in wedding planning was to write our own vows. We wanted every part of our day to be uniquely ours and centered around Christ. Personalizing our vows was a bigContinue reading “our vows for the kingdom”

how to take heart in these troubled times

What a way to begin the year, right? We’ve had a celebrity death among 8 other precious souls, taken too soon. The outbreak of Coronavirus. Controversial half-time shows and award show speeches. Our world is hurting – secretly hoping for Eden although on most days I think we would settle for Mayberry or Stars Hollow.Continue reading “how to take heart in these troubled times”

choosing to be present.

Present is my “word” for 2020. I hesitated to even declare a word over my year because, frankly, God will do whatever He wants. I might make my word “quiet” and He’ll crank up the volume. I might make my word “joy” and be met by the deepest depression of my lifetime. It’s true. Regardless ofContinue reading “choosing to be present.”