currently :: vol. 5

For those of you reading this post soon after November 18th, welcome to the new and improved! It may seem like a trivial cosmetic change but who doesn’t love a fresh start? A chance to renew vision and passion? Everything has been tweaked, redesigned, and a few things have been completely rewritten so explore a bit and get reacquainted with my new little blog home!

The whole month of October was a complete whirlwind for me, and the past two weeks have been all about resettling into consistent work and school. But now I am officially on my Thanksgiving break! THANK GOODNESS & all the people said amen. Read all about what I’ve been up to lately –>

October in short summary.

14 States in 4 weeks. 2 Countries. I got a new car. Conquered my first college final. Enjoyed two separate college visits to Kansas State University. Dressed up for 2 fun sessions of senior pictures. I was invited to Ann Voskamp’s house and by multiple gracious miracles, I had coffee in her backyard and hugged her neck less than two weeks later. That afternoon, I participated in Ann’s #TheBrokenWay book launch party and met many new friends, including Ann’s family and reconnecting with the singer Jason Gray. We all celebrated the new book, shed a few tears, and praised the Lord together. I spent a total of two nights in Toronto, and flew straight to a missions conference in downtown Minneapolis the following day. The conference was four days long, and I had the great joy and privilege of meeting Pastor John Piper and thanking him for the ways his writing had influenced me! Next up — a wild weekend in Jackson, Mississippi including: 28 hours in the car roundtrip, meeting my pen pal and one of my best friends in person for the first time, and participating at Propel Women (where I got to worship with Kari Jobe, under teachers like Priscilla Shirer, and finally see Hannah Brencher speak in person). And somewhere in all of that, I did homework and loved on babies and threw a few parties. It was a blast, and it was a month I will never forget.

little joys.

Autumn and finally having cold weather!

Starbucks red cups.

The 1st birthday of one of my favorite boys in the world. Cue all the nostalgia and feels and happy tears.


I am currently reading Gone With The Wind for the first time and The Broken Way for the second time. I don’t reread books often, but my heart begged to go through The Broken Way slower than when I was reading it for reviewing purposes. Hopefully I make good strides with Gone With The Wind this week too!

music all day, everyday.

Frank Sinatra on vinyl.

Justin Timberlake.

The Weeknd.

Michael Buble’s new album Nobody But Me.

JBiebs Christmas, old school, and modern.


October had no balance. It was full on headaches and adrenaline. (Absolutely not complaining, just facts.) However, November is greeting me with earlier bedtimes. I am trying to learn how to enjoy my life before all my homework is done — this is key, especially with finals approaching!

netflix, yo.


But, until the PARTY PARTY, I have been watching Andy Griffith, the “new” Bewitched movie, all the old Gilmore Girls, and Grey’s Anatomy.

my thinking cap.

I am brainstorming for many blog posts in the near future! Stay tuned!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hug your families tight, take countless naps, make a list of all the things you’re grateful for, prepare those Christmas playlists, and eat lots of turkey.

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