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I took a webinar class from Hannah Brencher last month. It was on discipline, and the nitty-gritty of making big dreams small realities. One of her homework assignments was making a vision board, so later that week I spent one whole afternoon flipping through magazines clipping out what I found inspirational and challenging.

Every quote and picture and word spoke to my heart and pointed towards my goals, especially for this season of autumn. I have the board nearby, but I see it most as my laptop screensaver almost every day. I truly love the way it turned out and that so little pictures can represent so much of the person I want to become.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

This board inspires me to live like this and more:

being a happier person than the grump I was all summer.

looking and feeling more brave. regaining a sparkle in my eye. 

working towards a lighter weight and whole health. 

conquering loads of homework.

making tangible to-do lists that create more balance and less stress. 

rest in reading and netflix. drinking coffee. writing letters. 

praying about an upcoming trip.

being the best, truest friend that I can be. 

making my phone my least priority, especially when people are around. 

immersing myself in prayer. 

growing into the person that six-year-old Emilee dreamt of. 

being grateful to God. serving well and showing my thanks to those around me. 

of course, my personal quote addition that I love so much: writing like flannery. dancing like usher. studying like dietrich. loving like taylor. dressing like audrey. smiling like adam. 

living my movie! laughing and watching more jimmy fallon! 

It has been a healthy challenge to join in on the blog-tember challenge! Click the image above to read from many others joining in, creating, and learning together! 




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