currently :: vol. 4


I’ve been missing you lately, and I hope that you have missed me too. I started college classes this past week and so I’m getting into a brand new groove that includes sitting elbow to elbow with other kids, being called on in class, and getting up before the sun.

little joys.

Pete’s Dragon and hot chocolate and hip-hop songs.

Sitting in a row of strangers, all focused and caffeinated.

Finding one familiar person in a classroom that is unknown.

Anticipation of fall events – from burning candles and cardigans to weekend getaways.

Tiny gifts that show thoughtfulness.

A book that is worth staying up until 3AM for.

Baby snuggles.

Opening the Bible in community.


To write a few letters this week – I may be a slow texter, but I want to return handwritten words as soon as possible because it is good for me to stay connected that way, and there is nothing like receiving words that took time, effort, and love.


That I liked audio books, because I have massive amounts of time in the car over the next few months. But, alas, I haven’t found one that I could focus on without laughing out loud or just wanting to grip the words on the page and be able to underline them if they happened to strike me.

“Part of the danger in being an artist of whatever color is that you fall in love with your wrinkles. The danger is that if you fall in love with your wrinkles then you don’t want to get rid of them. You start to glorify them and perpetuate them. If you write about pain, you end up searching for more pain to write about, that kind of thing, that self-destructive route. We need to get away from that. We can write about pain and anger without having it consume us.” – Sherman Alexie

I loved this challenge to write about the grit of life without being obsessed with it. When a writer can convey a thought with brutal honesty, which builds up the reader and lets the writer come full circle with satisfaction – that is no small thing.


I am far from perfect in this area, but during the day I have been trying to stick with the some of the shorter social media outlets like Snapchat and Instagram, and saving Facebook and Twitter for evening. It keeps me in the loop without clouding my mind and productivity during the main work and study hours.


I’ll be posting August’s book review soon, but let me tell ya: my choices have been diverse lately, almost random, but so good. I am finally visiting a public library again, and that has added to some fun, worthwhile choices. I read most during the fall and winter, and I have a great list ahead!

netflix, yo. 

During the past few weeks when I can’t sleep or need a twenty-minute break, I’ve been watching The Andy Griffith Show or New Girl, but I don’t have a new series going at the moment.


music all day, everyday.


Chris Brown.

Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes.

Jason Derulo.

Hillsong United.

my thinking cap. 

I have been thinking a lot about the early church lately, and it’s drawing me to the book of Acts. Although I am studying several other passages right now, I have been contemplating how Jesus ate with prostitutes, tax collectors, and that it was through the breaking of bread together that the message of the gospel spread widely.

Before you go. . . .

How can I pray for you? Type me an e-mail at

I’ll be back soon. In the meantime, don’t be a stranger.

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