building faith & strong houses

Donald Miller says in his book Scary Close that love is less like making a pop song, but building a symphony. He also proposes that love is more like farming than a fairytale. It is true within human love, and it is very much applicable with our love towards the Father.

It is true that when we come to Christ we are no longer slaves to sin and we are made into a new creation.

But so often we forget that although now we are no longer under the rule of the law alone, our hearts still need to hear the good news of the gospel. Although we are now under the law of grace, we must daily die to self. We must continually fill ourselves up with truth so that we can first battle our own lies, and then get up and fight the lies that our brothers and sisters are facing. The work has only begun – of testing everything we hear, and testing our own hearts. We live in an instant society that wants to see results polished and as soon as possible. We are hurt when we think of our spiritual lives as a list of steps to make us better in ten days versus a relationship that is slowly making and molding us to be more like Christ. We are hurt when we measure ourselves according to someone else’s life, and do not simply look up and dare to listen for ourselves. I am trying to stop seeing my faith as an already-perfected diamond that doesn’t dare get dirty, but rather to see it as a cave of unmined treasure awaiting me.

Building faith is a process. You must stand and trust your foundation. You begin to carve out time to spend with the Lord. You ask him to hold up your arms when you feel like giving up. You ask Him what is worth setting on the foundation He has already given, and what needs to be thrown out. You start adding strong pillars of wisdom, discipline, and hope. And to keep the house strong, we must invite others to help us along the way.

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