a slice of nostalgia

Thank-you, Jesus, for nights that bring peace in a homesick season and a memory that comes home like an old friend even after many years.

Here’s to holy and slow moving stories, unforgettable summer nights, and beating the odds.

One of my favorite summer memories was laying on a wooden trailer in the middle of the woods. I was at summer camp and was working on staff for four weeks. It was a weekend, most of the staff had gone home to their families, and everyone that remained was more than a night’s car ride from home. It was a group of people that would have most likely never connected in normal settings, but we were a group of people sewn together with sweaty camp memories and by the God we all believed in. I remember it most, I think, because in spite of our differences in age, backgrounds, and personality, I was able to relax. In the cool of night as I was cautious of getting a splinter as I leaned back on the wood. Side by side, next to these friends, old and new. It was one of the only times I was able to have fun and relax and not worry about being somewhere on time that whole summer. That night I received my first unique nickname by a guy that I’d always looked up to and was grateful to call a friend. Even though the chaos kept going within my heart and life in the hours following, I have still never forgotten that night.

Real life is full of countless slow stories. Some move fast, but most of them are slow. Real, hard, holy life doesn’t make an exciting movie, it leaves a lasting legacy. So, here, right now as I look back on my short life thus far, I’m glad my life couldn’t be a movie – because it’s packed with moments that would make an audience yawn. It’s the most pivotal memories and heart melters that will never be captured best on a screen. Like laughing and laying next to friends in the middle of the woods and looking up at the vast sky where the shooting stars seem to be swallowed up by the tips of the trees.

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