currently :: vol. 2

I grabbed this currently list from Amber Thomas last month, and I’ve decided to bring it into the blog on a normal basis! Here is what’s been going on since the beginning of March.


Sharpie pens. Possible new writing opportunities. My job. Warmer weather. My iPhone — mainly for Spotify, texting, Instagram, and Snapchat. Rifle Paper Company journals to write my sloppy, sometimes lovely thoughts in.

Right now, my bed. Maybe it’s because I’m finalizing this post after 11:30PM on a Thursday night.


What photographer I should choose / can afford for my senior photos. The season is quickly approaching!!


Honestly? What dress I should wear to a sweet friend’s wedding Friday night.


Lilacs! They are never in bloom for long and they are so refreshing and beautiful.



Not enough, but everyday at some capacity.

All the usual places.

“How’s Book #2 coming?” I am in sole-research mode. Translation: I am feeling extremely discouraged and over my head, but having my nose in the books is a heck of a lot of fun and I haven’t given up yet.


Flannery by Brad Gooch.

It’s Not What You Think by Jefferson Bethke.

There are a few others I’ve touched recently, a few I have finished, but I’m committed to these two at the moment.


The Intern. You must, must, must look up this movie. Rent it, buy it, whatever — but you must watch it. It has instantly become one of my favorite movies. You’ll see why, my friends.

GREY’S ANATOMY. Always. Forever. It has my heart, even though it drives me crazy.

The Princess Bride. Twice in one week. I was forced to watch it the first time, and liked it so much more than I expected to.



Anthem Lights. JT. Christina Perri. Hannah Montana Movie Soundtrack. TSwift always. Dean Martin.


Mac & Cheese. Taco Bell. Chick-fil-A. Pizza.

But I’m being healthy and eating tuna and brussel sprouts instead. It’s been extremely hard and boring this past week as I have been at it awhile and have lost around 9 pounds, but it’s worth it. So, I am sucking it up, drinking more water, and keeping at it. Send help!


I’ve been having a lot of flashbacks to ten year old me lately. Blame it on the Hannah Montana Movie Soundtrack. I don’t know whether to be happily nostalgic or terrified.


For more writing time during daylight. I’m usually too beat when it’s super early or super late to get anything worth reading down on paper, so all my writing is done in twenty minutes increments which is by no means ideal. Any tips out there? Other than sacrifice and dragging myself out of my bed an hour earlier in the morning?


To reread HB’s most recent post. That girl is on fire, and I loved her thoughts on the church and toast. Go check it out for yourself at her website.


To watch You’ve Got Mail. It’s been months and this is not okay.


Like I said, tuna and brussel sprouts. Praise The Lord for avocados.


Water and coffee. I’m sorry if these food columns are boring you.


ABOUT USHER AND JB’S REUNION. OH MY WORD. I had tears welling in my eyes. For those of you who don’t know — Usher is my favorite guilty pleasure. I love dancing in the car or writing or running to his music. He discovered Justin Bieber when Justin was under 15, and because I most recently fell in love with Justin also, this video from JB’s concert in Atlanta was so sweet for me.


I totally understand if you think I’m crazy and don’t get it. Shake your head. Let me have my sappy moment. Continue on.

working on.

Getting back into the habit of writing for More Love Letters in addition to corresponding with my pen pals. It’s something I am so passionate about, and something that I never want to become too busy for.

It’s your turn.

How are you surviving April?

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