a prayer for the spiritually dry.

Dear God,

May I always see you as holy.

I am not worthy to ask of You for anything, but Your Son did what it took to make this possible, so here I am, clumsy and trusting that confidence is what You have fought for.

Thank-you for answering so many of my heart cries. Help me to notice progress, and to always remember the stepping stones. Help me to remember the ways You have shown up even when I don’t feel You.

That’s it — I’m not feeling You.

Give me the strength to chase righteousness because of Your goodness, and not for the sake of my reputation or for empty applause.

Help me to know everything is from You – yet You are all I need. That sounded so rehearsed. But God, You’re better than the mess and the glossiest things on this earth. Help me to remember this. Forgive me for cheating on You.

Bypass me, Lord, and show people Your love through me. Do something through Your church that human hands could never fix.

Help me remember Scripture in the midst of temptation. I don’t want to cheat on You with the world.

Give me stiff knees to stand firm and a heart of flesh to love well.

Write my words and keep my heart.

Even when I don’t feel Your presence, give me bold faith to keep spitting hopeful sentences to the sky.

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