currently || march 3, 2016

Yet again, one of my friends from The Rising has inspired me! I asked if I could grab this “currently” list and idea that Amber Thomas began in February. She graciously said yes!

This is just a few things going on in the home and mind of Emilee Clemons.


My semi-new job, and the family I work for. I just became a nanny in January. The baby I care for is now three months old! *cue the awws* I am not a morning person, but seeing his smile every day makes the mornings a lot more lovable. I have a brand new appreciation for the weekends, but I am already so grateful for the joy and purpose of this new season of life.


Why Jesus told people to not spread the news of their personal healings. (Although they usually did anyway.) Have any of you read any telling commentaries on this? I have a few theories, but haven’t taken the time to steep myself in research.


To punch fear in the face. Daily.


Suave Professionals Shampoo and Conditioner. It sounds cheap and boring, but it is amazing for my hair and it smells crazy good.

Also, for the record, Mahogany Teakwood candles from Bath and Body Works are a gift from above. (They smell like cologne. Cue hallelujah chorus.)


For you! Here! I try to post at least once a week, usually on Fridays. You’re always on my mind and in my iPhone notes — even if I’m not publishing.

I am currently procrastinating writing for The Rising. But I hang out over there at least once a month! You can check out my most recent post from February, A Rainbow and The Cross, here. 

I journal more than the common man. I usually fill it with church notes, daily updates, and personal revelations. But lately I’ve been working more on prayer journaling than anything else, because I can focus better in written word than anywhere else. When I don’t have a certain plea to specifically write about, I’ve been following a practice recommended in the book Prayer by Timothy Keller — paraphrasing The Lord’s Prayer so that it becomes personal to you often and in different ways continually, so that it becomes a more common practice even when you’re not literally writing out your prayers.

Last but not least, I just started writing my second book. Pray for me. Writing is hard. If you find me absent here, it’s because I’m pouring my sweat into this fresh, exhilarating, exhausting project.


The Complete Short Stories of Flannery O’Connor.

The Life Of The Beloved by Henri J. M. Nouwen.

Seven Women by Eric Metaxas.

The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann Wyss.

Deeply Rooted magazine.


Fuller House. Who isn’t this week?

I am rewatching Friends, Gilmore Girls, and a little Parenthood.

Keeping up with: Fixer Upper. The Bachelor. Grey’s Anatomy. The Voice.


I listen to music all day long… but some of my favorites lately have been:

Justin Bieber. Lots and lots and lots of Bieber, because I’m making up for lost time for all those years I hated his guts. Is it too late now to say sorry, Justin?

The Great Gatsby soundtrack. All the yes. 

I have three standby playlists I’ve been regularly circulating — one for sleeping and feeling, one for dancing, and one for Christian rap.

Lauren Daigle.

Adele on vinyl for the weekends.

Also: Eric Metaxas podcasts. His is the only show I’ve truly ever had interest in listening to. Maybe I’ll branch out to more eventually, but for now, I’m spending my roadtrips with Spotify and my Eric Metaxas Show app alone!




Listening to the rain fall by Lake Victoria.


That my brothers and I lived closer.


More of Jesus.


A Mac.

Logos 6 Software.

Someone to confess their undying love for me.

All tall orders, I know. See needing.


Homemade guacomole. I don’t follow any certain recipe. But, give or take, I usually mix avocados, peppers, onions, minced garlic, cilantro, and tomatoes! Simple and delicious.


Hot hazelnut lattes. I try to make one every single morning as I head off to work. It’s also simple, but delicious and beautiful and – not to even mention – necessary. Just because I love my job, does not mean it’s hard to get there.


Too many things. Way too many things. I have cried during a Coldplay and a Justin Timberlake song within the past seven days.

working on.

Not wishing the weekdays away, or these next few months, without stopping to be grateful and to savor the seemingly-mundane of my tight junior year.


Do we share any of the same seasons or favorite things?

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