five finds friday // january 22

I’m linking up alongside some of my homegirls from The Rising Holly, Taylor, and Rachel! We’re sharing something funny, fashionable, flavorful, faithful, and all about the feels — on a weekly basis or semi-weekly basis or four times a year on a Friday (keeping it real).


I like to unwind on Pinterest. (Who doesn’t?) I’ve created a board all about girl blessings and curses, both truthful and that I find hilarious. You can browse ‘it’s a girl thing’ here.  You’re welcome, ladies. Updates are always on the way.


I am currently sitting on my couch wearing sweatpants.

But, when I’m not being lazy — I sincerely love fashion.

However, today, I’m going to showcase a new workout outfit soon to be in my online cart:

Enough. Said.

(Here are the links: tank top and tights.


Speaking of Pinterest, I made my first recipe from there this past week (yay for learning how to meal plan on a budget) and it was delicious!

Black Bean and Corn Quesadillas

Black Bean And Corn Quesadillas

picture not mine

(1) Here’s my new board ‘wife me up’ as I embark on a journey to learn how to authentically cook as an effort to make my way into a man’s heart someday (and, ya know, apparently because it’s better for you than takeout or something) and

(2) the blog where the recipe stemmed from.


I am reading Prayer by Timothy Keller as our church is focusing on the topic of prayer on Sunday mornings and in small groups. You’ll have to wait to hear more detailed thoughts on Keller’s book in my review post coming at the end of the month, but — man, it is shaking me up in the best way possible. It intimidated me for the first few months as it sat on my shelf untouched due to its size and author, but I hate to put it down as I near the end of it now. So rich and powerful and Keller is winning my heart.


Y’all. Wednesday night marked the ten year anniversary since High School Musical premiered. I semi-vividly remember being one of the 7.7 million people to tune in that night, and the obsession only grew from there. The word obession is not an exaggeration.

HSM10 memories

I had the journals and as many accesories as I could find and premiere parties and knew every word to every song. I’ll spare you of the many other pictures. Thankfully, the obsession has toned down, and I don’t still have the cast up on my wall, but my love for HSM goes deep. I still break out the soundtrack on a regular basis and with the friends that tolerate this love, and enjoy when I have time for a marathon to watch all three movies. #unashamed. I was on cloud nine Wednesday night as we watched the cast watch audition videos, talked about all the movie means to them today, picked their favorite scenes, and everything in between. Following them along on social media sparked lots of feels as well. Especially this post from Corbin on Instagram. Let’s not talk about whether I shed a tear or not. I’m so glad they celebrated the anniversary well. Also, unlike all the other Wildcats, I have totally forgiven Zac Efron for not being able to make it in person because #Loyality. I broke out my HSM blanket for the occasion (JUST KIDDING, I always know where it is). The look of joy on my face was by no means a show.

*fangirling ends*

*for now*

HSM10 love

Now that you are all freaked out about how in-tuned I am with my obsessed-with-a-Disney-movie, seven-year-old self, what have you been finding lately? Any good quotes or TV shows or good deals or recipes? I want to hear about them! 


2 thoughts on “five finds friday // january 22

  1. Love this, Emilee!!!! Welcome to our tiny little FFF link-up. You nailed these. Love them so much. Especially your feels because I absolutely LOVED HSM. All 3. And whatever one was in the theaters, I was there opening night. No shame.


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