splitting headaches & my summer bucket list

Everything is changing.

What time is it? SUMMER TIME!

With every end of the school year, lots of ages come to an end and lots of new opportunities come out of the woodwork.

Bottom line: the world is spinning fast. Sometimes, your life resembles the globe.

In the middle of celebrating summer break, I’ve gotten really sick. Observation: May and I aren’t close friends. Every single May without fail it seems, I’m in the hospital for blood work or surgery.

So, I have lots of time on my hands these days (these days AKA just this week).Time for dreaming, lots of I Love Lucy, and iced coffee. Time for hanging out with friends that aren’t afraid of my cooties. Time for pinning, Instagram stalking really cool strangers, and time for list making. But mainly just time to sleep.

Here in Kansas today the high was sixty degrees – so it’s hard to believe that for most of us, summer is here. But it is. I’M SO PUMPED! Whether it’s taking part in Ann Voskamp’s challenge of #1000Gifts, to-do lists, or writing I include countless lists. In honor of everything changing, dear summer arriving, and desperately needing to press pause and look around: I’ve made two lists. One list of all my favorite things about being sick and my summer 2015 bucket list for when I am back on my feet. What are you dreaming of for this summer? A few of mine include: humid late nights on the deck, laying in the sun, lots of road trips, and (let’s be real) blogging in the air conditioning.

What I Love Most About Being Sick

  1. Close friends come over and bring you Sonic. (Shout-out to Matt and Erika!)
  2. Magazine reading.
  3. Mom ordering me to sleep in.
  4. Naps.
  5. As mentioned before, stalking really cool strangers on Instagram.
  6. Back-to-back I Love Lucy and movies in the basement.
  7. 99 cent Macaroni & Cheese.
  8. Have I mentioned naps?
  9. Pajamas all day. Or, most of the day. (The grocery store required jeans for at least half an hour.)
  10. This number doesn’t count, because I couldn’t think of anything else good #becausesplittingheadache.

Emilee’s Tentative Summer 2015 Bucket List 

  • Help in Glory’s garden.
  • Get a TAN!
  • Rhubarb fest in Illinois.
  • Spend a week in Estes Park with my youth group.
  • Read a children’s book. 
  • Camp out in some form or fashion. In someone’s living room totally counts. Little kid style forts are acceptable. Preferably will try out both indoor and outdoor *camping*.

  • Go stargazing. (Classic for a reason.)
  • Random acts of kindness.
  • Watch fireworks.
  • Painting – custom work or just-for-fun.
  • Get fit (whether you want to or not). Again.
  • Make pancakes for supper.
  • Frozen lemonade at the county fair, my own personal tradition.

fair week = frozen lemonades

  • Cook from all the recipes my good friend and pen pal, Caley, sends me with each letter.
  • Organize my closet and wardrobe as a whole.
  • Hang out at a beach for the first time in North Carolina.
  • Hang out with my best friend in the whole wide world in August.
  • Pull an all-nighter.
  • Adventures with my home girl, Dayna, in our capital city.
  • Shopping trip to the Hat with AuD. (This goes on every season’s bucket list. It’s tradition.)
  • Read more than I have in May. (Solid goal, I promise. It’s been a slow month in the literature department.)
  • Work, work, work…
  • Catch up with Anna K and Abby.
  • Keep up with all of More Love Letter’s letter requests.
  • Make a summer playlist.
  • Have my annual wheat harvest photo shoot.
  • Lots of blogging and writing and iced coffee.

No matter what actually will get accomplished on this list and trust me, I’ll add lots more, I can promise you this: I’ll be sporting my sunglasses,wearing a messy bun and running shorts, having countless dance parties in the car and learning how to relax in a brand new way.

Most of all, I hope my summer will look something like this quote below combined with the happy ending of High School Musical 2. 😉

at the end of the day

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