sweet sixteen renovation.

Hey friends! IT’S BIRTHDAY WEEK! Almost sixteen years ago a little girl was born six weeks early before anyone had a chance to decorate the nursery. In celebration this year, my Mom and Dad gave me a total room makeover. I loved my room before, but it was time to reorganize, make it fresh, and give it a true coordinating theme (for the first time EVER). They gave me a budget to stay within and I began planning immediately! Pinterest was a substantial help, as always. Here are the before pictures.

Keeping it totally real with my chair full of quilts and clean clothes. That’s life.
My ‘office’ area that went unused most of the time. It was lovely, but just an easy place to gather clutter.
Overall view as you walked in.
Books on books on books.
Washi tape is my best friend. Love displaying photos and my sketches this way.
Totally unrelated. But hey, it was in the lineup. I love this dog.
Speaking of not being related. #butfirstletstakeaselfie
PAINTING DAY! Pictured is my Momma and Grandma Kenny making proper preparations.
I promise I did more than take pictures.
bye, bye tan walls….
hellooooo, mint chocolate chip dream! (that wasn’t the name of the paint, but it should have been – in reality, cool sea air and dreamy green won out.)
My accent walls – chalkboard paint and mint green!
Opposite wall – cool sea air accompanied by chalkboard wall.
I camped out in the guestroom for around two weeks in between painting day and the actual completion. It was a total mess.

*Consider this your drum roll*

THE FINAL REVEAL! Pictures do not do it justice.
My Dad made my pallet bed. I’ve always wanted a white down comforter so bedding was one of my top priorities. A majority of my bedding, accessories, and storage are from Target, with the exceptions of gifts, thrift stores, etc. Audrey Hepburn blanket from the movie Breakfast At Tiffany’s was a Christmas gift from Icing.
Former desk area converted into relaxing and writing space.
Storage for art supplies, Greek study tools, letters, and old journals.
I can’t decide what is the most beautiful… my bookshelves, my bed, or all of the coordinating contrasts.
Little details. Pretty storage.
Highlight: Hollywood style lamp to the left. It’s dramatic. I LOVE the look and practicality of it. Found at Wal-Mart. Polka dot wall decals found at Target.
A combination of Target, The Lighthouse thrift store, and Hobby Lobby. (Plus my personal Coldplay lyric drawing.)
Giddy over these bookshelves. Pictured is the shelf of books I haven’t yet completed.
Washi tape, doodles, Zooey Deschanel, and TSWIFT.


My chalkboard wall will change constantly, but here is one of my first creations!


Exciting countdowns!
Creation currently above my bed. Props go to Hannah Brencher and Sam Smith for the gorgeous inspiration.
My girl Audrey Hepburn.
I’ve been watching this Fruit of the Spirit sign at The Clay Gourmet here in town for (embarrassingly enough…) years. It was one of the first purchases I made for my room and we chose the paint colors after referring to it.
Side table for papasan chair. Table from Hobby Lobby. Vase from AcMe Gifts. It’s a simple, sweet corner filled with sentimental value as well. (Picture is one of the homes we lived in while in Mississippi. Miss that place dearly.)
Pictured on the right is me enjoying a surprise birthday party held for me on my golden birthday on February 8th, 2007.

Thus concludes your tour! Thankful for my birthday gift. I’ll rearrange it and enjoy it for a long time to come.

If anyone is interested in an interior decorator, I just might be available. 😉

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